Why blogging?

If you read the About section, you would know by now that I have a 9-5 job (more like a 9 to forever!) and that I am still navigating my way to my ultimate goal yet to be defined. I am also Dory’s twin.. you know Dory from finding Nemo: the fish with the bad memory? That’s totally me. In a nutshell, between not knowing what I want to do in life and having the worst memory, blogging seemed like the perfect creative outlet for me. First, it’s practically a living journal except that it’s open to everyone and anyone to read… no pressure! Second, it’s like a commitment board for all the dreams, hopes and little projects that I have been longing to start. Third, I am hoping to come across other lost souls, dreamers, wishful thinkers and anyone who is still looking for that north star. You know that point where everything makes sense and you feel like you made it! I can’t promise it exists but without that knowledge, I can’t seem to find a reason to wake up everyday.

I hereby declare that I will dedicate some time everyday to look after this new baby of mine. That I will invest time and energy to document the little mundane things in my life and that I will not only bore you with what I ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner but also try to inspire you in one way or another to be a better version of yourself. I know I want to be a better version of my self every waking moment that I get.

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