Black or white

Waking up to more news of killings, wars, victims and overall sadness, I am taking a moment to mourn everyone who passed away, was killed, victimized, tortured…only because they were different! I take a moment to be grateful for being raised to love and respect people with their differences not despite them. I am grateful most people that matter in my life love me as I am no questions asked. No caveats, just me.
There are two kinds of people in this world: the tolerant and all the others. I know that might not be two kinds but to me they are! You either love your life, mind your business and truly believe that everyone is entitled to being who they are and meant to be.. Or you are with the others!! If you are, then I am truly deeply sorry for you. Black or white, straight or gay, woman or man, tall or short, fat or skinny… So many words that happen to qualify people based on one of million characteristics that make them who they are. So many words that became popular because we use them and not because they are true or matter! No one is just one of those things but a fully blended cocktail and some more. Everyone is a blend and everyone deserves respect and space to breath and live. Everyone deserves it and no one should have to fight for it…

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