It’s the little things

Today I woke up more than ever feeling grateful for the little things. Every once in a while I get this urge to list all the things I am grateful for: big or small, significant or shallow… All or as much as I can. It’s like a cleanse not like any juice, fruit or proteins based cleanse. This exercise cleanses my soul and helps me visualize some of the blessings in my life. It helps me step out of that dark unappreciative, tired, overworked and often beaten zone and reset my system to keep living the journey.

I am grateful for my health. All of it the good bad and ugly! I am grateful for every breath I take and for every ray of sunshine my eyes catch. I am grateful for being able to walk, touch, taste, smell and see for these are things I will never take for granted.

I am grateful for my loved ones wherever they may be, living or dead, relatives or friends. I am grateful for the relationships I was given and the ones I built over the years. Every single one shaped me to be the person I am and for that I am grateful.

I am grateful for my education. Being able to read, write and converse in different languages opened doors and most of all built bridges between me and strangers. They cease being strangers when we connect over something and language is often one of the facilitators.

I am grateful for diversity. It’s not something I own but it’s something I feel and cherish. Diversity makes the world a better place, a more fun place and keeps a little bit of mystery in every relationship we have and every encounter we make. Imagine if we were all the same! What a boring world would that be?

I am grateful for creativity. On days where a mural on a wall somewhere remote puts a smile on my face and so many others, creativity reigns. For all the creative souls out there, be contagious and spread your magic. It not only brightens our days but also plants a seed in all of us. And hey, everyone is creative in one way or another. Let it rub on you and don’t give up until you find your calling.

At last. I am grateful for music. Not only the man made one but all the sounds of nature and Mother Earth. The little sounds we make, the squeaks, screams, cheers of joy and much more… They all add up to our life soundtracks. Plus if you’re anything like me and enjoy dancing, music is your partner!

And you what are you grateful for today?

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