Make a wish 

Over the last weeks, months and even years we’ve all been waking up or sleeping to news of incidents, killings, attacks… You name a horrible thing that could happen and it probably did in your lifetime! I am not one to stop living or moving because the world is collapsing but I’m also not oblivious and detached from the reality that some of us are subjected to.  When I was in school and we learned all about the big wars and genocides, everything was in the past and they made it seem like that was it. That we were studying it and that it was documented in books that would forever live in libraries… Years later, I feel cheated! It’s not all in the past! It’s someone’s present and will probably be someone’s future. It’s heartbreaking but true. I now know that the history my kids and grandkids will study will not be the same one I did. I know that they updated history books and will continue to do so… Does it mean that I stopped wishing and hoping for peace and for everyone to have the chance to live the life they want and deserve without fear? Not at all! All of us might not be able to change the world with a magic wand but all of us can spread positive energy, make small changes around us and if all fails hope, pray, wish for peace and tolerance. Whether we believe in something or not we can still make a conscious choice to be pro-life and to be a role model for kindness and love. We can give each other the benefit of the doubt and space to learn, make mistakes and trace our own journey. We can do it! We can make wishes and act on them. Remember, baby steps are not overrated… 

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