years of silence and inner thoughts
countless hours of self-doubt
a happy childhood by all standards
ordinary teenage years just fitting in
an adult life full of ups and down…
nothing out of the norms
that’s what they said and that’s what she believed
except in the midst of it all..
there was this fog
even in the brightest of days
this thick white cloth that was always there
it was all blurry through laughter and tear
it was always there
“You’re lucky” “you’re doing well” “we’re proud of you”
she heard it all and
she felt ashamed
complaining was not an option
in fact she shouldn’t… she was fine
and so she lived with the fog
it must be the norm she thought
life is not all pink …
what is a little fog when others are dying
the fog was there and part of her was no longer
silence was her escape
her silence was like no other
it was loud but only she could hear it
“you are an introvert”… they said
silence is normal
“I am more of a listener”
a silence listener
a silenced listener
silence became a companion
the companion of a foggy life
a reality filled by dialogues only she could hear
dialogues fueled with dreams of a new life
a reality she didn’t know she would ever have
all in silence


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